• Welcome to Lalwani Ferroalloys
    This is the parent Company manufacturing Silico Manganese, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Molybdenum, Aluminium Notch Bars, Aluminium Shorts and trades in Bulk with Ferro Silicon, Silicon Metal.
  • Standing for Quality that passes the test of time
    Lalwani Ferro Alloys Ltd. had set up a Ferro Alloys plant with a capacity of 1x9 MVA Submerged Arc Furnace at Plasto Steel Park, Barjora in West Bengal to produce 15000 TPA of Ferro Alloys comprising of High Carbon Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese. Second 9 MVA Furnace is expected to start by August 2009.
  • Knowledge, Training & Equipment
    In the business of ferro alloys, the principal challenge lies in the management of heterogenous raw materials from diverse geographies into a stable, consistent and uniform product quality at all times. At Lalwani Ferro Alloys, we have invested in knowledge, training and equipment to make this a predictable reality.
  • The Things We Do
    From manufacturing Silico Manganese, Ferro Manganese High Carbon, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Nickel Magnesium, Aluminium Notch Bar, Ferro Aluminium to importing and trading in Ferro Chrome Low Carbon, Ferro Chrome High Carbon, Ferro Silicon Lumps, Ferro Phosphorus, Nickel Plates Magnesium Metal, Misch. Metal, Silicon Metal Manganese Metal, Calcium Silicide, Silicon Innoculant, Perlite Ore. We do it all.

Lalwani Ferro Alloys is the world’s leading manufacturer of Ferro Alloys. Through our global approach and extensive market knowledge , we are ideally located to meet the requirements of its Business partners.

A Leading Manufacturer

Lalwani Ferro Alloys has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Ferro Alloys since 1984. We are the only manufacturer in the world to produce Noble Ferro Alloys(including Ferro Molybdenum), Master Ferro Alloys (including Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Nickel Magnesium and Ferro Aluminum) and Bulk Ferro Alloys (including Silico Manganese and High Carbon Ferro Manganese).

With our sheer experience and expertise we had been able to be a leading supplier of Ferro Alloys in Steel Industry, Foundries & Roll Manufacturers across the globe.

An Edge over Competitors.

The Company exports around 5000 MT/ month of Manganese Alloys to its customers across the world. With our sheer expertise and experience we are able to manufacture Stable Quality of Alloys using best Raw Materials from reliable suppliers from different geographies. Our Single window supply of the entire requirement of Ferro Alloys provides an edge over our competitors.

Lalwani Ferro Alloys aims to be the partner of choice for mining Companies and Purchasers of Alloys in every part of the world. We achieve this by nurturing strong business relationships, by continuously improving our processes and by adding value at every step.

In Constant Research

We believe a Balance in the alloying elements in the best possible combination leads to optimum purity, operational advantages and Economical. For this the only point that is noteworthy is our Production Method ie Modern and efficient smelting under protective environment. The process provide a refining action which sharply reduces alloying material at maximum homogenity.

Balancing of Alloys plays an important role in development of New Products too. We are in constant research for alloy combination which will provide additional benefit while meeing all purity, operational and cost requirement.